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express emotion through brushstrokes

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Love the skin you're in, Original art by Saskia van Drunen

Original art

Original art by Saskia van Drunen

Original art on glass

the painted jjeans art journal lesson

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Art has the power to touch your soul. It enhances you life and improves your well-being. It may spark a conversation and changes the atmosphere. Enjoy art in your home everyday!

About the artist

Saskia van Drunen is a Dutch artist, living in a quiet village in the south of the Netherlands. She lives there with her husband and two children.

Saskia’s work is full of colour and transparant layers and her style can be described as abstract realism.

She loves to play with colour and experiment with different media, markmaking and techniques. And the first layers of a painting are perfect to explore freely, they are expressive and perfect for her love of inks, spraypaint, acrylics, pigment powder, markers and more.

She combines the abstract with portraits and figures as they both excite her, and she also loves to  add in graphic elements as a juxtaposition and as symbolism. It’s the authentic emotion and feelings that she wants to express through her brushstrokes.

She hopes her art inspires people to follow their passion and empower them to feel free to being their true self.

Fine art prints

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Kind words from collectors


I purchased one of Saskia’s “The eyes have it series” Saskia eye painting spoke to me! I am a 41 year type one diabetic and I have eye stuff. I cherish that I can see, so I bought this and it hangs in my bedroom. Not only did I receive the painting packaged so nicely, Saskia included other prints as a thank you and I have framed that and have it in my office. I am so impressed with her art as well as customer service . THANK YOU SASKIA!

– Julie


I bought a handmade journal with painted cover from Saskia, and it is not only beautiful, but sooo nice to work in! The paper takes any kind of media I have tried, can stand up to a lot of water, and the signatures are done in such a way that the pages lie flat and are easy to work on. Also, there is something special about original art work. I can see the brushstrokes, feel texture, in a way that you just can’t get from a print. So glad I bought this!

– Suzy


Saskia is one of my favorite current artists. Her beautiful and artful renderings are rich with emotion, movement, and life. I’m lucky to have discovered this talented artist and hope to have more of her works in the future.

– Tedra


Thank you so much for the AMAZING free lesson. I believe it is the most generous art lesson I have ever seen! The lesson is a piece of art in and of itself! There is SO much information, so honestly and openly presented! I was drawn into a magical world and mesmerized watching you paint. I cannot wait to watch it again and paint with you. I struggle with looseness and mark making. Watching your girl emerge as you share with us your entire process so clearly, I believe I can actually achieve it myself. THANK YOU, Saskia! This is a beautiful gift!

– Gail

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I’m sharing my tips, trics and techniques I’ve learned over the years of being a professional artist.

Enjoy learning new ways to create and mastering new techniques wether you’re just starting out or you’ve been painting for a while.

Find a class that you love and start creating.

portrait in a challenging angle class
Crimson Whisperings, a monochrome portrait lesson on tonal values



In this class you’ll create your own unique art journal repurposing an old jeans. And making it your own by having your painting on the cover. Ofcourse it’s filled with your favorite paper.