saskia van drunen

Fine Art


I am a visual artist and online art teacher from the Netherlands, painting expressive portraits, figurative work and abstracts. Painting gives me room to breath, to heal, to reflect and transform. It’s a beautiful journey of the inner self and the outer world.

My favorite subject is women, their strenght, vulnerablility, pain, sensitivity, caring, sexuality, struggles, longing, sadness, spirituality, happiness, their inner beauty.

With my art I want to remind you of your inner self with all its emotions.

Giving you a piece of art that connects with you and makes a gorgeous statement in your home.

Original paintings

“Saskia beautifully captures minute moments of emotion, fleeting expressions that may appear only during the blink of an eye, creating an engaging intimacy in her portraits. I am enchanted by them! “

-Gail Marlow

blog posts and videos

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” -Edgar Degas

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