The Painted Jeans Art Journal

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About Course

Have you always wanted to make your own journal, but never knew how to create one?

You don’t just want a store bought journal, but one that has the paper in it that you love to work on.

And a journal that is totally yours with your own art on it.

You can make it for yourself or even give it as a personal gift to someone who loves to draw, paint or loves to write stories.

Well, in this class you will create your own unique art journal repurposing an old jeans and making it your own by painting on the cover.

In 2.5 hours I will show you all the steps you need to create this special piece,

  • from what supplies you’ll need,
  • how to create the signatures,
  • how to make a cover out of jeans fabric or any other sturdy fabric,
  • You’ll learn how to beautifully sew the journal together using the long stitch method,
  • and we don’t want the paint to crack, so I’ll show you how to make sure your painting on the cover will last for a long time.

I’ll be sharing how I paint an expressive colourful background and how you can draw and paint a colourful eye on this background.

Lastly we’ll make a strap from the jeans fabric and adhere it to our journal so it stays closed.


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What Will You Learn?

  • how to create a journal cover out of an old jeans
  • how to create signatures
  • how to sew your journal using the long stitch method
  • how to paint on fabric in a way the paint will not crack
  • how to create an expressive abstract background
  • how to draw an eye
  • how to paint a colourful eye
  • how to create a jeans strap to close your journal

Course Content

Introduction and art supplies

  • Introduction and art supplies

Creating the signatures and jeans cover

Preparing and painting the jeans cover

Drawing and painting the eye

Heat-set the painting and making a jeans strap