Portrait in a challenging angle


About Course

Join me in this lesson in which you will start with creating an expressive mixed media background on canvas by being free and making the marks you like.

On that backgroung you’ll be drawing a portrait in an challenging angle using a reference photo after I have explained the proportions of a face, using a scale tool to achieve the right proportions.

After that, you’ll start to paint the portrait in acrylics through painting in thin layers of paint.

You’ll see how I mix the paint and you will learn to create depth by using tonal value.

What Will You Learn?

  • using different media to create an expressive background
  • proportions of a portrait
  • drawing a portrait in a challenging angle
  • using a scale tool for proportions
  • painting a portrait layering acrylics
  • creating depth through tonal value
  • incorporating the portrait with the background

Course Content

Part 1, Introduction, supplies and background

  • introduction, art supplies and painting the background

Part 2, proportions of a portrait

Part 3, drawing the portrait

Part 4, painting the portrait