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This lesson is a mixed media lesson in which we celebrate ourself in a positive and joyful way.

First let’s find a quote that makes us smile and brings us joy celebrating ourself.

Then collect the materials we love to work with and make a colour story for the painting that sparks joy and connects to you. And find a reference portrait that you love.

Because I want to focus on the process of painting and feeling the joy of your inner self, we’ll be tracing the portrait for proportions.

We’ll make an expressive background, draw and paint a portrait and write the quote you love!



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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic colour theory and tips about finding a colourstory for your painting
  • How to trace a portrait
  • How to use and layer different art materials like acrylic, ink, spraypaint and markers
  • How to use a subtraction tool for mark making
  • To make an expressive abstract background with mixed media materials
  • The basic rule of composition and the composition of your artwork
  • Mixing your colours and skin tone
  • How to incorporate the background with the portrait
  • Exploring the light and shade and find the values to create depth in your portrait
  • Building the painting up in beautiful layers of transparant acrylic paint
  • Adding the light and highlights with opaques
  • Using the reference photo to compare values
  • How to add a quote to your artwork

Course Content

Fabulous Part 1
In this video I will introduce myself a bit more and I will explain the lesson outline. I will also go over the art supplies I used with you .

  • 1. Introduction, lesson outline and art supplies.

Fabulour Part 2
In this video I will show you how you can create the expressive abstract background. I will also talk about composition and I will show you how to trace your portrait.

Fabulous Part 3 and 4
In this lesson we will start painting the portrait. I will show you how to look for the light and shade and how to build op the portrait in layers of acrylic. We will continue painting te portrait and finishing it. I will also show you how you can add the quote that you picked out.