‘Miracle Waiting’

‘Miracle Waiting’

20x30cm     (8×12 inch)

Original mixed media with collage, mica flakes and gold leaf on 300 gsm acid free archival paper, 2022

Certificate of authenticity included

Allow 2 – 4 weeks for the preparation and the shipping of your new piece of art!

This artwork on paper will be shipped flat

I love the quote ‘Behind every fear, there is a miracle waiting to happen’.

Because so many times in life, and especially in creating, which is so vulnerable, there are moments that you fear doing new things, experimenting, exploring, trying out or learning something new, or even showing the world what you’ve created. It’s like something is stopping you from becoming an even better you, from expanding your truer self and breaking out of old limitations.

Part of the series ‘Breaking out
This series is about becoming your truer self
and breaking out of old limitations.
About stepping out of the fear
and exploring new possibilities in life.
About trying out new things even if it makes you feel uncertain and vulnerable.
But also about knowing you’ll never be alone in your explorations.




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