A personal challenge of one portrait a day for 30 days.

A personal challenge of one portrait a day.

In 2018 I challenged myself to do a portrait a day from 11-11 until 12-12. I wanted to challenge myself to create a finished portrait in one day. This way I would have to show up at my easel to paint. And I wanted to see how it would improve my skills.

It gave me such fulfillment to create a finished portrait every day, eventhough there were days I struggled and had to finish the portrait the next day.

With every painting there are moments of struggle, sometimes big and sometimes small. But this gives me the chance to push through and that´s when ´the magic´happens!

I made a video of the portraits I did during my challenge, you can watch it below.



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  1. Great stuff. These videos invite me into your world and facilitate a deeper understanding of who you are. Very relaxing, touching and mesmerizing. Some portraits are so expressive in their timidity, others so overwhelmingly private. Stay in this place of following your highest excitement!

    1. Thank you so very much for your touching comment, Jörgen.

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