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Fixating your drawing with diluted gesso

I hope you have enjoyed my free lesson ‘Her Journey’. In this lesson my drawing was already in place. I started filming after I sketched the portrait. So I never showed you how I fixate my drawing. 

I sketch my portraits using a water-soluble graphite pencil. When this gets wet or in touch with the paint, it will smudge or get mixed in with the paint. 

Although sometimes, this is something you might want, it is not what I like to do. So that’s why I use my diluted gesso. My drawing will stay into place, I will know exactly where the features go.  

I do like to use the water-soluble graphite pencil though, because it will make some beautiful marks when I fix it with the gesso, 

Because I didn’t show you in the lesson, I made a little video so yo can see how I do this.

Enjoy watching, and if you have any questions, please let me know.



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  1. Sandra G.

    Thank you very much Saskia – you are so kind and most generous with this and your fabulous free video. I truly enjoyed watching and learning your great technique(s). I look forward to receiving your future newsletters – thank you once again : )
    Blessings, Sandra : )

    1. Saskia

      Hi Sandra,
      Thank you so much, I’m really happy you liked my video and that you learned something new! I’m really glad you’re joining me here!

  2. Ginette

    Thank you Saskia, this is So nice to share your tips with us !

    1. Saskia

      You’re very welcome Ginette.
      I’m happy to share my way of working!

  3. Ronē

    Thank you Saskia I was wondering how to fix it.

    1. Saskia

      Your welcome Roné, I’m glad I could help!

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