Painting Joy

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About Course

A portrait lesson on how to paint a smiling girl in a limited colour palette.

In this class you’ll learn how to paint a portrait using a reference photo and capturing the emotion of the girl smiling. We will be using a limited colourpalette and I will show you how to mix the colours. We will finish with some expressive line work in charcoal.

What Will You Learn?

  • to draw a portrait using a reference photo
  • to fixate your drawing
  • to achieve emotion in the portrait
  • to paint with acrylics
  • tonal value to create depth
  • painting teeth
  • using only a limited colour palette
  • to create expressive line work
  • adding an acrylic wash for the background

Course Content

Part 1, Introduction and art supplies

  • introduction and artsupplies

Part 2, Drawing the portrait

Part 3, Colour mixing

Part 4, Painting the portrait

Part 5, painting the mouth, teeth and background