Crimson Whisperings

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About Course

A monochrome portrait lesson on tonal values.

In this class you’ll learn through painting in different values of one colour, to see where the light and shadows fall on the face and you’ll create depth this way. I’ll be using the colour red because it’s such a passionate and powerful colour, but tinted down to a pink it radiates softness, kindness and vulnerability.

We’ll be using a reference photo to draw the portrait.



What Will You Learn?

  • How to draw and paint a portrait using a photo reference
  • Fixating your drawing with diluted gesso
  • Making a tonal value scale
  • Learn about tonal value
  • See tonal value better
  • Use one colour and white
  • Establishing tonal values
  • Paint in layers of acrylic on paper

Course Content


  • Introduction

Lesson Crimson Whisperings