‘Colourful Serenity’

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About Course

For this lesson I will be guiding you through my entire process of creating this colourful mixed media portrait.

We begin with painting an expressive, abstract and colourful background. we will play with materials and express ourselves through colour and markmaking.

Once our background is dry, we will be drawing the portrait. I will explain to you the proportions of a three quarter portrait that is looking down, and I will show you how to use the scale tool and how to get the proportions correct.

Then, using beautiful layers of thin acrylic paint to achieve depth and intensity, we will create our colourful portrait. We will be looking at values and form, to make our portrait come alive.

I will show you the mixing of the colours, and how to fix any mistakes we might make.

When the portrait is almost done, we will add some elements to really make the portrait pop, because we want it to be the focal point!

You will learn new techniques and skills, so that you can incorporate these in to your own future projects!

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What Will You Learn?

  • expressive, playful painting and markmaking
  • finding inspiration
  • creating a three quarter portrait looking down
  • getting the proportions correct
  • creating a portrait in non-traditional colours
  • mixing colours and skin colours
  • adding interest to your painting
  • correcting mistakes
  • using a scale tool for accurate measurements
  • creating with layers of thin acrylic paint to achieve depth and intensity
  • and much more......

Course Content

Introduction and art supplies.
In this video I will be introducing myself and explain about the course. I will also show you what art supplies we will be using for this course.

  • Colourful Serenity part 1

Creating the background.
In this video we will start with making some intuitive markmaking and play with the materials we have to create a colourful abstract background.

Drawing the portrait.
We will be drawing a three quarter portrait looking down. I will start with explaining something about the proportions. Then using the scale tool we will draw the portrait in the right proportions using our reference photo as a guide.

Painting the portrait
We will be painting the portrait in thin layers of acrylic paint. Looking at the values in our reference photo. Where are the dark and light values and everything inbetween. I will show you how I mix the paint and how to fix a mistake. And add elements to make your portrait stand out.