hi there,

I want to remind you of the beauty of your inner self with all its emotions. And give you a piece of art that connects with you and makes a gorgeous statement in your home!

My name is Saskia and I am a comtemporary visual artist. My passion is painting, and I paint passion!

I live in a little village in the south of the Netherlands. Together with my husband I have a beautiful son and daughter and three cats to share our home with. Being able to create from my home studio, gives me the freedom I need and it allows me to be there for my children when they get home from school.

I believe painting is transforming, and an exploration of one´s inner life and outer circumstances.

And I would love you to be a part of that journey!

My Story

I have always been a creative child. I expressed myself through drawing, coloring, painting and creating things. I also loved to dance and sing. I grew up in the countryside and loved being surrounded with a lot of animals.

When I finished secondary school, I wanted to go to Art School, and become an artist. I visited one, but the insecurity that I did not have enough talent, got the better of me.

So, I decided to study hotel management and I worked for many years with my parents and sister in my family´s hotel and restaurant. Then, I started to feel stuck, and decided to study Dutch Law at University. After five years this lead to me working at a law firm specializing in divorce law.

While working as a lawyer, I had become a mother of a beautiful sensitive boy. He was four months old when I decided, supported by my lovely husband, to be a stay-at-home-mom.

Two years later my lovely daughter was born, bursting with energy.

Finding my balance

After I had given birth to my daughter, following a very challenging pregnancy and now with two small kids to take care of, I struggled to find my balance.

Dealing with all the feelings and emotions that surfaced was quite daunting for me. I felt the need to express them in a creative way. I had not picked up a brush for about eight or  nine years, but I gathered my brushes, bought some new paint and canvases and boy, did it feel liberating! And, I felt that creative spark again! It helped me heal, and connect on a deep level with myself.

Before, I had painted all kind of things, such as flowers and cats, and I also created and sold abstract art. But now I wanted to improve my drawing and portrait painting skills. So I took some classes and learned a lot of new techniques along the way. I love drawing and painting portraits. It allows my thoughts to flow freely and it heals my inner wounds.

And I love reminding you, through my art, of the beauty of your inner self with all its emotions. To see you make a connection with a piece that you can take home and enjoy.


Quote Picasso


in my studio

more about me

  • lover of Modern Dance
  • vegan
  • highly sensitive
  • soy latté lover
  • married to kindergarden sweetheart after not seeing him for 20 years
  • mother of highly gifted and highly sensitive children
  • strong believer in equality

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